Allergic Bronchitis

Allergic bronchitis is an illness wherein someone has severe allergies that lead to a bronchial immune system reaction.

Bronchitis occurs when there is an inflammation of the windpipe and airways within the lungs. Allergic bronchitis is an illness wherein someone has severe allergies that cause a bronchial immune system reaction. Doctors can sometimes distinguish it from regular bronchitis by looking for other allergic symptoms within the patient.

While bronchitis symptoms such as wheezing and difficulty breathing are similar to the symptoms of asthma, there are some important differences. Allergic bronchitis will often flare up due to seasonal allergies, so it’s often a very short-term condition. In cases in which a person has lingering bronchitis caused by allergies, he will sometimes have to have an allergy test therefore the doctor can figure out what is causing the problem.

What is a non-allergic bronchitis?

Acute bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchial tubes which gets narrow due to the viral infection and starts secreting fluid in them. It results in cold and flu which then receds away after couple of days as the virus or bacteria is removed, by administering the antibiotics.

What are the various symptoms of an allergic bronchitis?

Shortness of breath

This is another main symptom that will typically get worse over time. If you have allergic bronchitis you will experience shortness of breath during exercise or other activities. As the disease gets worse you may experience Dyspnea while resting, in which case you could have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or emphysema.


The chief symptom of allergic bronchitis is a daily cough that lasts for at least three months. The intensity of the cough might differ from person to person. There may be some sputum from coughing, but not necessarily. If you smoke, this cough is often called a smoker’s cough. This dry cough is often very bad at the night often leading to sleeplessness due to constant coughing.

Wheezing sound

Another common symptom is wheezing-a high-pitched sound made by air coming through the narrow airways of the bronchial tubes.

Other possible symptoms of allergic bronchitis include

  • Fatigue
  • chest pain
  • sore throat
  • Swelling in the lips
  • headaches
  • Bluish-gray skin color.

What are the various causes of allergic bronchitis?

An allergic bronchitis is caused by different environmental & genetic factors namely:

  • Tobacco smoke
  • Dust
  • Pollution
  • Mold
  • Chemicals
  • Animal dander.
  • Faulty diet leading to the triggering of respiratory tract infections in the body
  • heredity

How an allergic bronchitis is diagnosed?

If your doctor suspects your may have chronic bronchitis, he or she will send you to a pulmonologist, a doctor who specializes in the treatment of diseases, conditions and abnormalities of the lungs and cardiopulmonary system. Your pulmonologist will run some tests including a chest X-ray, a CT scan of your lungs and bronchial tubes and a pulmonary function test.

What are the various treatment procedures available to cure allergic bronchitis?

If you have allergic bronchitis, your doctor can help you control the symptoms with several different medications and treatments including bronchodilators like albuterol, corticosteroids and/or oxygen therapy.

If you suspect that you may have bronchitis visit your doctor at the earliest. A complete physical exam will be conducted to determine the extent of the infection You may also be required to have a chest x-ray, a lung function test, and a pulse oximetry test to check the levels of oxygen in the blood. Sputum samples can be checked for signs of an infection as well.

What are the various Complications that can develop to the person suffering from an allegic bronchitis?

Allergic bronchitis is a chronic condition that can lead to complications like COPD, severe shortness of breath, respiratory failure and even death.

What preventive measures can be adopted to not fall prey to the allergic bronchitis?

There are several things you can do to help prevent an allergic bronchitis flare up.

  • Wash bed lines and blankets weekly in mild, allergy-free detergents.
  • Purchase a good vacuum cleaner with an HEPA filtering system and use it often to dust and vacuum.
  • Shampoo your pets weekly to keep their dander to a minimum, and keep pets out of your bedroom.
  • Stay away from areas where people are smoking.
  • Finally, get your flu shot annually to reduce your chances of getting sick.



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