The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) level 3 provides exceptional care that is compassionate, safe and excellent to patients and to their relatives. A team of equipped Neonatologist, Pediatric Residents, Pedia Surgeon, trained NRP nurses, respiratory therapists, radiologists and pharmacists ascertain to achieve optimum healthcare to those little angels.

It can cater specialized attention to smallest premature babies and those requiring intensive care from birth to 28 days of life. Variety of specialized procedures are being provided by competititive staff such as umbilical catheterization, surfactant induction and asssisting on mechanical ventilator support. Due to advancement, we can also accommodate certain surgical procedures. It also promotes holistic approach in a family centered manner to aid faster recovery of the patients through providing good and therapeutic environment. During the stay of these premies, parents are encourage to participate in giving daily care and understanding what their baby is going through. CMC is also known as being a Mother-Baby Friendly Hospital which promotes exclusive and early breastfeeding.

The NICU department aims in delivering neonatal care that surpasses patient’s expectations.